A visual communicator aspiring to create playful and dynamic design solutions.


Brand Idenity, Environmental Design, Illustration, Product Design, Web Design

I was asked to find a topic for investigation which included a topic I feel passionate about, a fact about the topic, problem and the solution I hoped to achieve through the use of visual communication. The topic I chose to investigate was triathlon.

According to the USAT 2014 statistics, the percentage of triathletes under the age of 25 is only seven. The majority of youth are unaware of the benefits of triathlon events. I wanted to provide an interactive place where youth and their parents can connect with others and receive information, encouragement and advice regarding triathlons, and design products and signage that encourage potential youth to participate, or motivate existing participants.

Tenacious Youth uses technology, events, and products to gain interest and motivate the youth to participate in triathlons. The interactive website provides information on triathlons, training, events, and coaches for both parents and youth. Events are designed to encourage youth to have fun rather than feel intimidating, while the products assist in motivating participants.