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So who actually creates websites?

Is it the designer or a developer, and what’s the difference?

A designer mainly focuses on the visual aspects of the website, while a developer is responsible for programming the code that tells a website how to function.

The designers’ job

A designer conveys messages and information through creative visual solutions by working with a variety of media from print to digital. A web designer specializes in web technologies and basic code while using graphics and design software such as Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign to create the look and feel of the website. The designer is also specialized in typography, spatial relationships, target audience, and user experience.


The developer’s job

A developer is the backbone of a website and brings the design to life online. They understand how computers and web servers operate and use languages specific to the web such as HTML, Javascript, JQuery, and CSS.

There are three parts involved in web development which include: coding used in a web browser to determine what a user will see; coding used on a web server that powers how the website works; and database technology to help keep a website running efficiently. For large projects, these tasks are normally divided among a team of web developers.

A common goal

Although the designer and developer have different specialties, they are both working towards the same goal of creating a website or app that focuses on the end user. The website needs to be functional and visually appealing by reflecting the brand and encouraging visitors to take action.

Do you need to hire a designer and developer?

It all depends on the needs of your business, and the skill-set of the designer. Some professionals specialize in certain areas, but many blur the lines between disciplines. They might be more comfortable working with visual designs using the Adobe programs, but they might also be able to code basic pages or know how to work with other programs such as Squarespace, WordPress, and Wix. For larger businesses and projects, you will need to hire a team of web professionals who cover all of the different disciplines.

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